Happy Mother and DaughterPeople take organic sulfur for a variety of reasons. Some use the supplement to relieve achy joints or arthritis, while others derive a noticeable energy boost. A common question posed to me in emails and phone calls is: “How can I tell whether I’m getting any benefits from taking organic sulfur? Are there visual clues that I should look for?”

Here are a few indicators that immediately come to mind:

• Are you dreaming more than you did before? Are you dreaming in color? Dreaming is the only time that we regenerate any of our cells. From personal experience, I find that I experience my dreams at roughly the same time each morning around daybreak. Your dreaming experience will undoubtedly be different than mine.

• How ‘regular’ are you since you started taking sulfur? Were you constantly constipated beforehand and are you back on a normal bowel movement schedule?

• Do you receive random compliments about your ‘new’ appearance — that you seemingly look younger and more vibrant than you did when they last saw you, but they just can’t quite put their finger on the nature of the changes?

Photographing your face over time (e.g., once every couple of months) will provide visual feedback that will help you gauge your progress while on your organic sulfur regimen.

How can I tell that organic sulfur is helping me?
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Organic Sulfur For Health
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