Swollen handReader says, “I’ve been taking sulfur now for several weeks straight and notice that my hands have swelled up on a couple of occasions. The hand swelling forces me to remove my rings before I take the sulfur. Also, I notice that a section of my hand has broken out in splotchy red marks that could be sign of skin irritation. What’s going on here? Should I stop taking sulfur? I take my sulfur first and then wait a half hour before I have my daily vitamins and supplements.”

Response from my sulfur supplier, Patrick McGean
The edema results from a lack of magnesium and potassium. Taking a quarter teaspoon of Himalayan Pink Salt 30 minutes after the sulfur should alleviate the hand swelling as well as the splotchy red marks (rosacea), which are often the result of engorged capillaries caused by venous obstructions in the venous flow.


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Rosacea: Definition
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About Venous Obstructions
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Help! My hands have swollen up after taking sulfur
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