Prospective customer asks, “Apparently my body is dumping tons of sulfur out through my urine. Do you have any suggestions or remedies for getting my body back in balance? I believe this could be due to a methylation issue.”

If copious amounts of sulfur are being released via the urinary tract rather than the stool, something obviously is blocking this person’s ability to process sulfur in a normal manner. Could it be due to a sulfur inhibitor or blocker like chlorine in her drinking water? Perhaps.

Methylation begins with a methyl group, which consists of one carbon and three hydrogen atoms. Protein and hormone production, cell repair, and removal of free radicals and heavy metals are only a few of the vital tasks performed during methylation.

To get an expert’s assessment and recommendation, I arranged a three-way phone call that included the customer and my organic sulfur supplier, Patrick McGean. A partial transcript of our phone conversation is included below.

P = Patrick McGean
C = Customer


P. If we get back to the basic issue of the methyl cycle, the sulfur cycle precedes the methylation cycle.

C. Really?

P. If the sulfur cycle is not working, the methylation cycle won’t work. If you don’t believe me, go out and sit by an old tree that’s fallen down and watch the fungus grow. That’s the methylation cycle. That’s when the fungus grows.

C. Okay.

P. There are people who are worried about what’s going on. They just don’t understand your biology. You understand it probably better than they do, and you’ll understand it better because you’ll experience the responses that occur when you put sulfur back into your body. Your skin tone will change – all your biology will change, because you’ll get oxygen into all of your cells.

C. Maybe I was a little bit confused by this methylation. I didn’t know that the sulfur preceded all methylation. I guess that was something I wasn’t aware of.

P. The technical name for sulfur is methylsulfonylmethane. The links give you an idea that there may be some kind of catch to that: methyl-sulfonyl-methane. That’s the thing that promotes the cycle. That’s why it’s called methylsulfonylmethane.

C. If I take organic sulfur but my body is not able to utilize my incoming resources of sulfur, because…

P. Your body is going to start to use your incoming resources because that’s the methyl part. Then you sulfate it. And that becomes the methylation part.

C. Got you.

P. And if you can watch under a microscope on a cellular level – though it’s a lot more fun to watch it on a whole-body scale – you look at where you have scars (if you can have any scars). You could have been a sword fighter when you were a girl, and/or when you fell off your bike, or when you’ve had surgery or something like that. The scars will go away. I mean, that’s the key thing that sulfur has to do. It has to make the scars go away.

C. Okay, question: Is there any way of knowing if I’m not getting enough organic sulfur, or I’m taking too much, or is there any adverse reaction that my body may have if I’m taking too little or too much?

P. If you are taking too little, you may have a Herxheimer. If you are taking a teaspoon for your body weight twice a day, no, you won’t have a Herxheimer. You won’t have anything, except the realization that your body may be regenerating cells.

C. Okay.

P. And being that’s such a subtle thing, that’s why the photographs are valuable.

C. Got you.


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