Wise WomanReader asks: One of your FAQs says, “Is there a simple test that will show me whether organic sulfur is benefiting my skin?” and the answer says, “Compare the differences and notice how your skin looks and feels.” What do you mean by, how your skin will look? Will it get a shade lighter? I am confused. I don’t want lighter skin on my face and rest of my body another color.

My next question is, can I give organic sulfur to my two kids, who are ages 7 and 3?

A favorite saying of Patrick McGean’s, who is my organic sulfur supplier, is that “Organic sulfur makes girls beautiful, no matter their age.”

Taking your facial photograph periodically will allow you to determine the direct effect that organic sulfur is having on your skin, which is one of the three areas where your body stores small amounts of sulfur (the other two being your hair and nails). Many people who have been taking organic sulfur have reported that their skin feels softer and their facial features appear more youthful-looking as a result of being on the sulfur protocol.

With regards to your other question, organic sulfur can be safely administered to your two children. If neither child is vaccine-damaged, here is what I would recommend with regards to their dosage:

Dissolve a teaspoon of organic sulfur in 8 ounces of warm or hot water (hot tap water is fine for it doesn’t contain chlorine, which blocks the uptake of sulfur). Wait 10 minutes or longer for the water to cool down, then split the dissolved solution into two glasses, giving one to each child. Repeat every 12 hours.

When first starting out, some people are put off by the natural bitterness of organic sulfur, which is an alkaline supplement with a pH reading of 9.3 (neutral is 7.0). If you or any of your children have an issue with sulfur’s bitter flavor, try adding a smidgen of a healthy sweetener like stevia or pure maple syrup or dissolve the sulfur in water mixed with a small amount (say, a teaspoon) of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

On the other hand, if you care for a vaccine-damaged child, add a teaspoon of organic sulfur twice a day to their diet. Be sure to take the recommended dosage of sulfur yourself (one teaspoon twice a day) and maintain regular eye contact with your child in order to reduce the natural feeling of anxiety that exists because of this health condition. In the Cellular Matrix Study, there are over a dozen reported cases where a parent has brought his or her autistic child back to living a normal, healthy life by following this regimen. Parents who only give sulfur to their autistic child while not taking it themselves do not achieve the same type of breakthrough.

Neither you nor your children can overdose on organic sulfur, which is considered a food, not a drug. Any excess that your bodies cannot use will be safely excreted.

The secret to a successful organic sulfur regimen is staying properly hydrated – which applies equally to children as well as adults.

When the weight of your oldest child begins to exceed 100 pounds, he or she would be considered an adult with regards to the organic sulfur protocol. At that point, I would increase his or her dosage to the adult level, which is one teaspoon, twice a day.

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