Worried WomanReader asks, “I have been suffering from candida for a few years and read that taking organic sulfur could trigger a Herxheimer Reaction. Can you tell me what that is? Also, what should I do if I get such a reaction by taking your product?”

A Herxheimer Reaction (“herx”) is a normal immune system response that can occur whenever disease-causing pathogens are being killed off and released into the bloodstream at a faster rate than what your body is able to eliminate at a given time. A herx is usually associated with a detoxification protocol like organic sulfur and is a sign that healing is taking place. Herx reactions vary from individual to individual, depending on their general health condition and level of toxicity that’s present in their body. In most cases, a herx can last a few days. In severe cases, reactions can last a week or longer. Symptoms include headaches, joint or muscle pain, dizziness, sweating, chills, rashes, and nausea.

In the case of candida, its yeast cells release 79 different toxins when they die, including ethanol and acetaldehyde. In order to feel better, your candida-stricken body needs to dispose of these metabolic by-products. You can expedite the process by getting plenty of sunshine and staying properly hydrated. Including a small amount of lemon juice in your drinking water can expedite the process and help your liver detoxify.

A Herxheimer Reaction is well recognized in mainstream medical circles. What happens is that some individuals who experience a herx stop taking the supplement or medication that has been causing the reaction and, thus, terminate the very treatment that is designed to make them feel better. Riding out the short-term discomfort period is key. Should you experience some form of a detox reaction when starting a organic sulfur protocol, take more sulfur IMMEDIATELY. The human body seem to tolerate taking more sulfur better than taking too little. You cannot take too much!


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If I suffer a Herxheimer Reaction, should I stop taking Organic Sulfur?
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