The Food PyramidAt your next doctor’s appointment, ask a couple of staff members to suggest a nutritional approach to correct a particular health condition. If they received their advanced degree in conventional medicine, chances are high that their knowledge about the role of nutrition would be minimal, at best. As a way to address your question, they may simply refer you to the food guide pyramid as defined by the USDA. The problem is succinctly described by a Milwaukee cardiologist named Dr. William Davis who is quoted as saying that “there’s tremendous ignorance about nutrition among physicians. It has never been part of the culture.”

The Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study is a global research project directed by Patrick McGean who started the program in 1999 when he noted how drinking a mixture of organic sulfur (a food supplement, not a prescription drug) with water obviated his need for TUMS®. During the early years of the study, McGean helped his son overcome cancer by administering the product orally. An important aspect of McGean’s research project has been in documenting and comparing how individual people suffering from different illnesses respond to taking a bio-available form of sulfur that is manufactured from the lignin of the Louisiana pine tree.

What is unique about this study is that test results do not originate from professional researchers working at an established medical facility, but rather are supplied by consumers who elect to take the product. Now used by over 300,000 people worldwide, this crystalline form of organic sulfur has unique properties that enable it to mitigate health conditions as varied as emphysema, osteoporosis, hypoglycemia, muscle inflammation, chronic headaches, diverticulitis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and premenstrual syndrome. In addition, taking organic sulfur delivers essential omega-3 fatty acids while it helps the body eliminate free radicals and regulate insulin production in a proper manner.

Flypaper strips“Think of sulfur as sticky flypaper”

Sulfur is a highly reactive element that doesn’t enter the cell structure. Instead, sulfur performs two important functions: it transports oxygen to cells so the cells can regenerate themselves in a healthy manner; after completing this task, sulfur searches for and disposes of toxins that it eliminates via bowel movements.

The human body cannot make its own sulfur and a fresh supply must be provided from a food source approximately once every 12 hours. Many important enzymes such as glutathione (the master antioxidant) are sulfur-based. As noted in a web article entitled, Our molecular Nature – The Body’s Motors, Machines and Messages:

“Cysteine is the key to the protection afforded by glutathione. Its sulfur atom scavenges destructive molecules like peroxides and free radicals, converting them to harmless compounds.”

“Relief for diverticulitis sufferers”

Taking organic sulfur forms a smooth, resistant coating on the colon walls. When they encounter the smooth surface, the parasites that normally live in the colon have nothing to attach themselves to, so they get flushed out.

“If you can’t pronounce it, then why are you putting it in your body?”

Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) have been used for decades as food preservations, specifically to prevent fats from becoming rancid. BHA and BHT are also found in makeup products, sunscreen lotions, and other cosmetics. These two chemicals have been linked to several health concerns, including allergies, endocrine disruption, and organ-system toxicity.

Ethylene Dibromide is used as an intermediate substance for dyes, resins, waxes, and gums. For years it had been used extensively as a gasoline additive when leaded fuel was commercially available. The EPA has classified ethylene dibromide as a Group B2 – probable human carcinogen. Exposure could occur from inhalation of ambient air near industries that use ethylene dibromide or through the ingestion of contaminated drinking water.

Fruits and Vegetables“Don’t raw fruits and vegetables contain natural enzymes?”

It’s true that raw fruits and vegetables can be an excellent source of enzymes. However, if the commercial grocer picks them while they’re “green” (a standard practice in the industry), they will lack enzymes. Fruits and vegetables only produce enzymes when they are allowed to ripen on the plant. Irradiated foods or food treated with preservatives will lack enzymes; so will cooking food at temperatures above 116 degrees Fahrenheit.


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There’s tremendous ignorance about nutrition among physicians
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