Kissing coupleA 36-year-old mother tells my supplier, Patrick McGean, about some of the visible changes that she noticed after she started taking organic sulfur.

Patrick, I heard your interview on Sanitas Radio, ordered some sulfur, and started taking it Saturday evening. You mentioned that if you get results within a day to let you know, so here it is:

Aside from not sleeping great – and I made sure to take it seconds before I jumped in bed as you recommended – I didn’t notice anything immediately.

Sunday evening, however, something wonderful happened: I got my sex drive back. In fact, I wonder if I ever really had it? My poor husband hadn’t had sex for a month. Then Sunday night I felt the stirrings and again early Monday morning – I think he felt like he died and went to heaven.

I have done SO MUCH WORK over the last few years trying to figure out why I was apathetic to sex. I did emotional work, supplements, etc. I guess all I needed was sulfur.

And I noticed another bonus: After having my son and breast-feeding him for 2 years, I developed a strong sweet tooth. After weaning him over New Year’s, that sweet tooth never went away. Well, now it has. My husband bought me a dessert Monday evening – maybe as a thank-you for the attention he received – and I haven’t touched it! I have no desire. I guess my body was just lacking in this one ingredient.

I haven’t noticed anything else but, then, I’m pretty healthy, overall. I juice every morning, eat mostly organic, etc… Thanks for spreading the word on sulfur.

Can organic sulfur invigorate a person’s sex drive?
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2 thoughts on “Can organic sulfur invigorate a person’s sex drive?

  • 2015-03-18 at 3:00 pm

    Do you sell organic sulfur?

    • 2015-03-25 at 8:46 am

      Yes, I sell organic sulfur. I am temporarily not taking product orders from my website because I am traveling outside the country. If you need to order sulfur immediately, you can obtain the same dietary supplement from my wholesale distributor, True Health Facts (502-410-3411 or On the other hand, if you can wait until the evening of March 26, I expect to have my e-commerce store back online by that time.


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