Woman's bellyWe may suffer from the presence of parasitic tapeworms in our digestive tract if we inadvertently eat undercooked meat or fish or consume food that has been prepared under poor hygienic conditions. In this report, a woman shares how she has begun to experience a remarkable improvement in her health after she started taking organic sulfur.

This anonymous testimonial was sent in April to my sulfur supplier, Patrick McGean.

Hi Patrick,
I’ve been on your sulfur since end of December. I almost died in January when my lung hemorrhaged, they found a “mass” in my lungs and I began spitting out black worms, remember me? I’ve refused the cat scan and the bronchoscopy and have been taking tonnes of your sulfur, that’s mostly all I’ve been doing. I’ve had a few days of MMS and I’ve been taking fish oils and a few other supplements — all stuff I’ve done the last five years.

I went to have my blood drawn today. I haven’t had this done since January. I’ve been using the same person to do this for 10 years, when I first got sick with Lyme disease. Normally my blood is thick and black/red, very gothic looking. I always use a butterfly and normally we can’t get more than 4 tubes before it clots and shuts down. I don’t have a lot of viable veins, so that’s generally the end of the story and I have to return on another day.

Today I gave 14 tubes of blood! It was bright red, it was fluidic, it was fantastic!!! The woman who draws my blood said she couldn’t believe it. A year ago when I had blood drawn she called the doctor right away because my blood looked like jelly in the tube (with the EDTA where it’s supposed to stay liquid for 10 minutes at least) in the first minute – she said she’d never seen that in 25 years of drawing blood.

As you can guess, I’ve had a lot of clots, too. So, I really can’t believe how great it was today and I think it’s because of the sulfur. My face doesn’t look that much better yet, but I’m pretty happy about the blood and just thought I’d let you know.

I am sending photos out to Dr Klinghardt – he’s already told me he thinks I have schistosoma mansoni. I have tested positively for strongyloides. I have pooped out tapeworms, so it’s anybody’s guess. I haven’t stopped coughing them out. Every day is a new experience.

All the best.

Patrick McGean recommends gargling with salt water followed by a solution of sulfur water if you are coughing up parasitic worms.

Cestoda (Tapeworms)
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Schistosoma mansoni
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Tapeworms leave woman’s body after she takes organic sulfur
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