Young woman's faceDo you suffer from lupus? Read on to learn how taking organic sulfur helped mitigate scarring and other problems associated with this skin condition.

Sent to my sulfur supplier, Patrick McGean, this testimonial is reprinted with permission from the author, whose name and email address are omitted for privacy reasons.

Hello Patrick,

I hope this email is addressed correctly to you. I got it from the radio stations you were on. I want to share my experience of using sulfur, but also wish to thank you immensely for your articles, research, & info.

I first heard about “sulfur” thru your comments in some of the Mercola articles. I am a 60 yr old female who has had discoid lupus for over 20 years. When first diagnosed I was taking a compound drug for the first 5-6 yrs. It worked for a while & the only side effect was it made my skin orange. Then the drug stopped working & doc wanted to try another. After reading the side effects I told him I’d rather just keep the skin problem then have all the other crappy side effects. I had lost my job & then had no health insurance. In a way this was probably a ‘good thing’. So I turned to alternative health care. I started reading Mercola, bought a Kangen Water machine, totally fell for coconut oil & bingo found sulfur!!!

I discovered the sulfur about 2 or 3 yrs ago after reading your article. Actually, we have talked on the phone & I purchased the sulfur I believe thru you. I was suppose to send you a picture of myself to be in the ‘Sulfur Study’ but I never did. You see it was at a very low point in my life. I was to vain to send pic’s of myself w/ the way my skin looked. Anyway, long story short… I did not reorder. I became discouraged.

My skin worsened so much more that I became a prisoner in my own body. I alienated myself from the world. When I did go out to go to my job I would spend along time in the bathroom applying makeup to cover up all the scars & sores. Then in the evening along time cleaning the makeup off not just my face but neck, arms, & hands. It was hell! When people would ask me what was wrong w/ me when they saw the rash I would just say, “poison ivy”. Most people looked at me weird when I would say ‘lupus’.

Last winter shortly after Christmas the word ‘sulfur’ kept coming to my mind. Truthfully, I believe it was the Holy Spirit because I had been praying soooo hard to find a cure. I was constantly on the internet just soaking up any info I could possibly find. I wanted to give sulfur another try but first wanted to study more about it. What I realized is that I didn’t give it enough time to work & I was not consistent w/ it. So I ordered it again thru ‘NaturoDoc’ & re-started taking the sulfur on March 15th.

Since March, while taking it religiously I also would tune in & listen to you on the web. Initially, I wanted to see results in my skin first, BUT that did not happen. I never used to remember dreams & could tell you that I never dreamed. Well, I dream big time! Going to bed is like getting ready to go to the movies & see it in living color!

I never had problems w/ constipation but I am better than regular.

I wear one contact lens in my left eye to see up close. At work I would have to put my reading glasses on to focus on the computer (numbers & graphs). One day I realized that I had not retrieved my glasses from my purse for over 2 weeks. Wow! I was working without them (I may also add that I take the supplement Astaxanthin from Mercola).

I had injured my right shoulder about 4 yrs ago & frequented a chiropractor for 6 mos. but it never improved completely. I think it was ‘frozen shoulder’. The pain was always there & I just lived w/ it. As of now… I never notice it. The pain is about 98% gone.

I have neuropathy in my fingers & it is about gone.

So what I’ve learned is like you said. Biology & the healing seems to start on the neurological level. But you know what? My skin is healing now! The scales are leaving. My skin is softer. The scars are there but the bumps & lesions are lessening. The itch is less! I am waiting & hoping that the scars will disappear. Will that happen???

On another note: If you read on lupus the biggest warning the doc’s give to you is to stay out of the sun. That never went well for me. I could never believe it. I love the sun & I know God gave us the sun for a reason. I love to swim. In the beginning I would wear the stupid sun block, but years ago decided that it is just putting chemicals in my body. I just don’t overdue the sun. It doesn’t take rocket science to know when to get out of the sun. But what I also discovered w/ sulfur is applying it to my skin. I put it in a spray bottle & spray it on me before going out in the sun. I live in Tennessee & it can get pretty hot here. Not only does it keep me from burning but it also stops the itch. I think applying it like this has a good healing affect on my skin.

Oh & here’s another great thing that really charged me up about using it religiously. For over 4 yrs I had this nasty hole on the bridge of my nose. An open pore that would never close. I use to fill the hole in w/ Burt’s bee lip balm & then cover it up w/ makeup. This was a ridiculously unending event I had to check on each time I frequented the restroom. One night I made a paste of 5.5 water & sulfur & covered the hole up. In the morning while putting my makeup on I was absolutely dumbstruck that the hole was three fourth’s closed! I almost cried! I thought if this works that well it truly is a miracle source!

Lastly, & I question if this applies to the sulfur: I find myself “crying” more. Like in the past it took a lot for me to shed a tear, but now I will cry at the drop of a hat. Do you think sulfur has a role in this?

And so Patrick I did want to share my experience using sulfur with you. If you still wish to put me in the ‘Sulfur Study’ I am happy to oblige. I could send you pictures taken of me years ago. I did not realize that it was the ‘eyes’ you were looking at.

I am so grateful and appreciative of your research & sharing of knowledge on sulfur. I have tried to tell others about sulfur & you know they just look at you kind of weird. Then there are the others whom I am close to such as family members who are just thinking, “Oh there she goes again… another miracle cure.” This time I am just sitting back. They can see my miracle for themselves & then they will ask “Your skin is so much better. Are you in remission?” Then I will say, “Sulfur baby, Sulfur!” (I am hoping to get many of my family members on this because they too have many auto-immune diseases).

If I can be of any help or if you have any questions or advice to throw at me then please don’t hesitate to get in touch w/ me. Thank you Patrick from the bottom of my heart!

ps. I am truly hoping that I will be able to go swimming in public this summer & wear a sleeveless dress!!!

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Long-time lupus sufferer shares her amazing sulfur story
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3 thoughts on “Long-time lupus sufferer shares her amazing sulfur story

  • 2016-05-17 at 5:41 pm

    Omg!!!!! This is me!!!thank u soooo much

    • 2021-07-23 at 2:53 pm

      Hi is it okay to take the sulfur if you’re on a “blood thinner? “ I have SLE…Thanx a bundle

  • 2016-11-22 at 5:28 pm

    This is me too but I have systemic lupus. I’m going to try Patrick’s sulfur soon.


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