Sweet potato plantCustomer asks: If our soil has been depleted of natural sulfur, can I help my vegetable garden become more nutritious by adding some organic sulfur? If so, how much should I sprinkle onto my vegetables and potatoes and how often should I add the sulfur? Once a week? Once a month? I live in the Deep South where it gets really hot and humid in the summertime.

My response
Mineral sulfur, aka “yellow dirt,” is the proper form of sulfur that would benefit your garden.

Organic sulfur crystals are bio-available to your body because of the natural processing done by their source: the Louisiana pine tree. Patrick McGean’s worldwide study found that organic sulfur killed $10,000 worth of ornamental plants back in 2001, so sprinkling our crystals on the soil of your vegetable garden is not recommended. By adding mineral sulfur to your garden in the spring and fall, your vegetables should regain their flavor.

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