Dizzy GirlFrom a customer: What are flu-like symptoms that could result when taking sulfur for the first time? Taking sulfur once a day in the morning, I had an experience recently where I suddenly felt very dizzy and had to sit down and wonder if this is a normal detox reaction. I noticed that I am also very hungry – Is that normal? I don’t take any prescribed medications and just started taking your sulfur to see if it would help relieve the chronic pain in my joints (which it has).

My response

Coming in all shapes and sizes, detox is how our body gets rid of the harmful “gunk” that we’ve accumulated. It takes a while for our body to heal itself naturally after years of dietary and nutritional abuse. The detox process won’t complete overnight and varies from person-to-person because our physique and health histories are all so different. You simply have to ride through the discomfort stage to get to the “other side.” 

I’ve heard from other customers that taking organic sulfur affects their metabolism and appetite. I, myself, have noticed that I crave food more often during the course of the day. To compensate, I simply eat smaller portions at each meal.

Working together with cholesterol, sulfur enables the bloodstream to transport oxygen freely and easily through the cell membranes. If you encounter dizzy spells when starting an organic sulfur regimen, that’s usually a sign that you’re dehydrated and your brain is not receiving sufficient oxygen.

Only taking organic sulfur once a day short-circuits the detox process because your body needs a fresh supply of sulfur every 12 hours.

Drinking more water and getting plenty of rest should help relieve the symptom of dizziness. While on a sulfur regimen, the rule of thumb is to drink enough water that equals half your body weight, converted to ounces. For example, if you weigh 130 pounds, you should drink at least 65 ounces of water a day, or roughly 8 glasses.

If taking organic sulfur twice a day and drinking more water does not fully address the dizziness issue, please call or send an email using our website’s Contact Us form and I will help arrange a three-way call with Patrick McGean, my sulfur supplier.


4 Tips for Minimizing Detox Side Effects and a Healing Crisis
by Elizabeth Renter, Natural Society, Jan 13, 2013


Is it normal to feel dizzy after taking organic sulfur?
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