4 year old girlFrom a reader: My daughter is almost 4 yrs old and weighs 43 lbs. She is constantly sick and her lungs get wet and congested. Could vaccines be a factor? How much sulfur should I give her? Thank you!

Reply from my supplier, Patrick McGean

One half teaspoon (2 grams) of sulfur twice a day should be sufficient dosage for this 43 lb girl. If she is using a nebulizer to help clear her lungs, create a dilute molar solution – one teaspoon of sulfur dissolved in four ounces of hot tap water – and use this mixture in the nebulizer rather than bronco dilators and her lungs should clear.

Being winter, the following may be difficult, but having this little girl see sunlight unfiltered by plastic or glass is how we treated tuberculosis in the 1960s. Think of the lung cells as the leaves on a tree, and with sunlight passing through her eyes, the ultraviolet rays will get to her lungs.


What are Bronchial Dilators? – WiseGeek

Bronchial dilators are more commonly referred to as bronchodilators. They are an essential treatment for many people with asthma or with other diseases like emphysema that cause the airway or the bronchial tubes to become chronically inflamed.

Molar Solutions – Created by: Cecilia Yu ’07
The Neuron Connection – Wellesley College

A 1 molar solution is a solution in which 1 mole of a compound is dissolved in a total volume of 1 litre.

For example:
The molecular weight of sodium chloride (NaCl) is 58.44, so one gram molecular weight (= 1 mole) is 58.44g. If you dissolve 58.44g of NaCl in a final volume of 1 litre, you have made a 1M NaCl solution.

Note: The molecular weight of sulfur is 32.065, so 1 mole of sulfur is 32.065g.

How much organic sulfur should I give to my child?
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