young woman with healthy skinCustomer writes: I am having some very interesting results. I am having bursts of energy for which I have inadequate nerve and muscle cells with sometimes unappetizing consequences, respiratory speaking. Moreover, can you tell me how taking sulfur deals with skin problems?

I am trying to understand if the temporary swelling I’m experiencing after topical treatment is due to scabies or the sulfur working on residual bacterial that remains “post-insect”. Yes, it is awful. It is necessary for me to sort out what is normal scabies “redness” and what is due to sulfur. Sulfur burns a bit and itches on dry skin. Treatment is for 12 hours. And I’ve found it’s hard to sleep with it on. I’ve used various oils and saw that sulfur was supposed to be helpful for skin problems. Is your mode of treatment as effective as the terrible insecticide cream I’m using?

My Response

It sounds like you’re referring to a commercial product related to organic sulfur that’s commonly referred to as DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) that’s been known to cause skin irritation when applied topically. The chemical process required to produce organic sulfur converts the DMSO into edible white crystals that do not possess its peculiar odor and skin irritation qualities.

There are only three parts of the body where minute amounts of sulfur are stored: in the hair, skin, and nails. Any excess not stored in those areas is excreted. When people start taking organic sulfur internally, they may notice that their skin starts becoming softer and more youthful-looking. The same can be said when administering organic sulfur to dogs and cats, whose furs start to become soft and sleek to the touch.

We all have different health makeups and histories, so we all respond to taking organic sulfur in unique ways. Noticeable change usually doesn’t happen overnight, so I would recommend that you start the organic sulfur protocol (taking one teaspoon twice a day) and evaluate how you look and feel after a month or two.

Dr. Thienna Ho – who was born in Vietnam – is a noted expert on the importance of sulfur as it relates to skin health and sells skin care products that are available from her website,

You may wish to contact Dr. Ho for her advice and opinion about how her products may be beneficial for your health. Click here to contact Dr. Ho by email.

Taking organic sulfur to address scabies and skin problems
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