President William Howard Taft circa 1909Arthritis affects millions worldwide. In the U.S. alone, the CDC estimates there are 50 million adults who suffer from a form of arthritis that includes gout and lupus. More ominously, 1 in 3 obese adults are reported to suffer from arthritis.

The incidence of arthritis is not just a disturbing concern for adults but also affects large numbers of the youth population. According to the CDC, an estimated 294,000 children in the U.S. under the age of 18 (1 in 250) are suffering from some form of arthritis or rheumatic condition.

In the same report, the CDC estimates that 1 in 4 Americans may develop painful hip arthritis in their lifetime. One of those is a very recent addition to the sulfur study who asked if there is a recommended protocol she can follow that will augment the acupuncture treatments, Epsom salt baths, and massage therapy that she’s currently using. I posed her question to Cellular Matrix Study Director Patrick McGean, who responded as follows:

“Arthritis is bone-eroding inflammation of the ends of the joints. One teaspoon of sulfur should be taken twice a day along with water consumed at the rate of one-half of one’s body weight but measured in ounces, e.g., a 140-pound person should drink 70 ounces of water daily.

Sulfur can be taken anytime pain speaks up. If positioned in the mouth on the opposite side like chewing tobacco, pain is addressed directly. We share our nerves.

Exercise is critical: Use it or lose it. A swimming pool, even with the nasty chlorine, will allow complete extension while buoyant.

Epsom and baking soda baths are good, but one must move or we shoot you. Old Cherokee expression.”

As one of the six key building blocks of life that is present in every human cell, sulfur improves the health of all tissues and organs and strengthens the hair, skin, nails, joints, and gums. Any reduction in its availability can adversely affect our body’s natural ability to transport oxygen to cells and remove poisonous substances like glyphosate, heavy metals, and radioisotopes.

My customer concluded her last email by revealing she was allergic to pine trees, which is the source of our organic sulfur. As she uses the product over the next few weeks, we’ll both learn whether her allergy affects her body’s ability to utilize the sulfur.

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Suffering from arthritis? Take some organic sulfur!
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