Garbage TruckYou eat what you consider to be a healthy diet, you get regular exercise and a good night’s rest, and take your supplements regularly. Yet you lack energy at times, you experience chronic discomfort in your back or joints, or frequently come down with a cold or fever. What’s going on?

Every day we ask our vital organs to detoxify a variety of poisonous substances that are present in our environment, such as the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. At the same time, modern food production methods that include the heavy application of chemical fertilizers and herbicides have severely depleted the nutritional value of conventionally grown crops. As a result, large numbers of people lack one or more of the 24 essential minerals of life that’s needed to sustain a healthy existence. One of those vital minerals is our “personal trash collector”: SULFUR.

Except for minute amounts stored in our hair, skin, and nails, sulfur does not remain in our bodies and we must replenish our supply every 12 hours. Sulfur performs two essential bodily functions: it transports oxygen to cells so that damaged cells can be repaired and new healthy cells can form and regenerate; and it combines with toxic metals and substances like mercury, aluminum, and glyphosate to form harmless sulfate compounds that the body can eliminate.

I can imagine what you are thinking at this point: “My doctor never told me I was deficient in sulfur. When I went for my last physical exam, she said I was lacking in calcium and iron and several trace minerals, but said nothing about sulfur. How do you explain this?”

While common foods such as eggs, nuts, meats, cabbage, spinach, garlic, and onions are normally rich in sulfur, much of their nutritional value is negated if they are not obtained from organic sources.

Since 1960, the extensive and globalized use of inorganic fertilizers containing chemicals like ammonium nitrate has destroyed the natural cycle so that an insufficient amount of sulfur is being delivered to our meal table. Moreover, sulfur is a volatile mineral that rapidly disappears from food when it is processed, cooked, dried, or stored.

Below is an abbreviated checklist to assess your vulnerability to various health problems:

• Do you grow, eat, and buy only organic produce?

• Do you check food labels at the supermarket to ensure that the packages don’t contain harmful additives, preservatives, and genetically engineered oils like corn, soy, and canola?

• When you eat at a restaurant, do you ask the waiter or waitress to verify the nature of the cooking oils used and whether the protein sources you’re eating contain antibiotics or were sourced from contaminated areas like the Gulf of Mexico or the Pacific Ocean?

• What is the source of your drinking water? Does it contain fluoride — a toxic waste product of the fertilizer and aluminum industries?

• Do you brush your teeth with fluoridated tooth paste?

• Do you take an annual flu shot or other vaccines? Do you ask your physician to give you a copy of the vaccine ingredients list and explain their possible side effects?

• Do you take prescription medicines?

• Do you store spray bottles containing hazardous chemicals inside your home?

• Do you live near a natural gas production facility or nuclear power plant or oil refinery?

Don’t fall into the trap of doing nothing and assuming that the health problems will disappear on their own. Multinational corporations like Bayer, Merck, Monsanto, and Dow AgroSciences are committed to promoting their patented products and protecting their bottom lines — not in ensuring the health and welfare of the average consumer.

Do your body a favor and take out the trash. GET SOME SULFUR TODAY!

Who’s taking out the trash? Are they doing their job?
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Organic Sulfur For Health
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