Pill BottleA reader writes: “I told my co-worker today who is into natural health about the importance of sulphur. I told him I’d find a link and sent it to him. I personally suffer from joint pain (though I’m a young guy – slightly over 30). My knees and everything below hurts and thumps. For instance, all my joints are inflamed from the knees down. I also have thinning hair. I have scars from acne that I want to eliminate and wish I could totally overhaul the tone of the skin on my face to make me look younger. No matter how well I eat, the scars won’t heal entirely. I also notice that the scars I get on my hands and elsewhere heal very slowly.

I’m literally sickened too by all the stress and chaos of learning of the truth and trying to live it. One thing I have done to is to try to buy more from local farmers. I wish I could find a doctor or group of physicians who will be my personal advocate.”


First, let me start with a disclaimer by stating that I am not a licensed physician, so my response that I am providing to you should not be construed as actual medical advice but as educational information, only.

Most packaged products, especially if they are not labeled organic or Non-GMO, contain one or more genetically engineered forms of corn, soy, canola, or sugar (in the form of sugar beets or aspartame) that are harmful to the body. Log onto YouTube and watch this video called Genetic Roulette to get an overview of the GMO problem:

Genetic Roulette 10min Remix

Sulfur performs two basic biological functions: it transports oxygen to our cells, and converts the toxic “trash” that we consume into its harmless, sulfate form that is easily expelled from the body. In addition, sulfur is contained in our hair, skin, and nails. However, our bodies cannot manufacture its own supply of sulfur, so we must get it from an outside source.

Until the mid-1950s, the average American used to obtain all the sulfur he or she needed from the food we ate. Natural rainfall and irrigation would transfer the sulfur from our rich topsoil to our crops. However, as commercial farmers started to switch from organic to petrochemical fertilizers and herbicides, the sulfur cycle began to break down, because chemicals like ammonium nitrate prevent sulfur from being absorbed by plants.

There are over 100,000 people, worldwide, who are participating in Patrick McGean’s organic sulfur study that has been ongoing for the past 13 years. Many participants who have reported positive results after starting a sulfur regimen, previously suffered from similar types of ailments that you are experiencing, including arthritis and joint pain. Adults and children suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, diabetes, and cancer have also reported remarkable changes in their health after taking sulfur on a regular basis.

In McGean’s study there are over 100 End-Stage cancer patients who have refused to die after they started taking organic sulfur. The reason for this can be explained by paying tribute to Dr. Otto Warburg, the German physician who won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering the connection between cancer and the lack of oxygen in the body. Cancer cells thrive when there is a short supply of oxygen, while they die if oxygen is plentiful. As stated earlier, one of sulfur’s functions is to transport oxygen to the cells.

While many people are discovering the miraculous health benefits of starting an organic sulfur program, it should be noted that sulfur is just one of many minerals that are necessary for optimal health and should not be considered a cure-all for every ailment. A. True Ott, PhD, for instance, has written a book called “Nature’s Minerals – Wellness Secrets for Life” that answers many questions about mineral deficiencies. His book can be ordered by calling 866-989-9876.

Lastly, find someone who can review your health from a holistic viewpoint, taking into account your lifestyle, health history, and toxins that are present in your immediate environment. I would start by locating a trustworthy naturopathic doctor or homeopath in your area. If you’d like to start your own organic sulfur regimen, feel free to log onto my website, Organic Sulfur for Health, and place your first order (minimum order: 1 pound).

Dr. Thienna Ho has conducted extensive research that associates healthy skin to sulfur. For further information about her sulfur-related research and products, log onto:


Dealing with scars, acne, and joint pain
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