Hands on baseball bat From a customer: Dr. Thienna Ho claims that taking organic sulfur can improve skin health and color. Do you agree?

Recipient of five academic degrees and the visionary behind a popular line of nutritional supplements and skin care products, Dr. Thienna Ho has conducted extensive research demonstrating that skin health is influenced not just by human genetics, but is also affected by dietary habits, pollution exposure, and the amount of sulfur ingested on a regular basis.

In her research, Dr. Ho discovered that the human skin is more likely to appear unhealthy-looking and splotchy if it contains low amounts of sulfur. This makes sense, since sulfur is a natural detoxification mineral and the skin (like the hair and nails) is formed from a sulfur protein called keratin. By controlling how much sulfur and toxins you put into your body, you can take charge of your skin’s health and restore it to its natural, radiant state.

Cellular Matrix Study Director Patrick McGean adds that skin color is a function of our levels of melanin and melatonin. Taking organic sulfur regularly, fair-skinned people will not suffer painful sunburns, even if exposed to the heat of the noonday sun. 

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Melanin is an ubiquitous natural pigment found in most organisms (spiders are one of the few groups in which it has not been detected). In animals, melanin pigments are derivatives of the amino acid tyrosine. The most common biological melanin is eumelanin.

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Melatonin is related to the mechanism by which some amphibians and reptiles change the color of their skin and, indeed, it was in this connection the substance first was discovered. As early as 1917, Carey Pratt McCord and Floyd P. Allen discovered that feeding extract of the pineal glands of cows lightened tadpole skin by contracting the dark epidermal melanophores.

Can taking sulfur improve the health of our skin?
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Organic Sulfur For Health
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