Anxious woman sucking thumb Feedback from a reader: While I have taken sulfur before, this time it left me feeling anxious. I am sensitive to some things, anyway, from abusing alcohol. I have always been sensitive to caffeine, but now even more so. Maybe I should cut back a little on taking sulfur? While rare, can some actually be allergic to it? Or, can our bodies have trouble processing it?

Taking organic sulfur increases your pH levels and makes it more alkaline. As you are undoubtedly aware, caffeine is a stimulant and, as such, can impact your feelings of anxiety. 

How much water are you taking with your organic sulfur? Are you drinking at least 10-12 ounces of water with your standard dosage plus more as the day progresses? You need to make sure you stay properly hydrated in order to help your body transport oxygen through the cell membranes and remove toxins from your environment.

If you require additional information or advice on whether your sense of anxiety is the direct result of taking organic sulfur, I suggest that you confer with a licensed and qualified naturopath in your area, as I am not practicing physician and hold no degrees in the medical field.

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If I get anxious taking organic sulfur, should I cut back?
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Organic Sulfur For Health
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