There is a body of evidence supporting the premise that fluoridated drinking water is responsible for damaging an specific area of the brain that causes people to become overly docile and sick.

Years ago, the public was sold a false bill of goods when there was a widespread mandate to add sodium fluoride, a toxic by-product of fertilizer and aluminum manufacturing, to the public water supply. Instead of having to dispose of fluoride as a hazardous waste product, major manufacturers were able to profit from its sale. Unfortunately, this mandate is still alive today, despite public protests and awareness about the health risks associated with fluoride.

Portland, Oregon to add fluoride to city’s water supply
CBS News Staff
Sep. 12, 2012

The periodic table of elements sheds light on the issue. Fluorine is represented by atomic number 9 which sits directly to the right of oxygen (atomic number 8) on the element chart. Fluorine, like chlorine, blocks oxygen uptake in the body. As far back as the 1930’s, it’s been known from Dr. Otto Warburg’s research that cancer can be attributed to a lack of intracellular oxygen.

While selenium possesses sulfur’s ability to transport oxygen, it can easily become toxic. Ingesting 1,000 micrograms of selenium per day can cause the body to stop breathing.

When sulfur is taken twice a day in the recommended dosage, the fluorine (or fluoride) we ingest will be converted into non-toxic sulfate compounds that can be safely excreted from our body.

Is it truly possible that one of the main drivers behind the sharp increase in cancer rates over the past 50 years is due to the loss of natural sulfur from our foods? If not, then what accounts for the fact that since 1999, the Cellular Matrix Study has not lost a single study participant to cancer after they began taking sulfur on a regular basis?

“Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century”
-Robert Carlton, Ph.D, former EPA scientist, 1992

Organic sulfur is ideal for correcting fluoride toxicity
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