Received following question from a customer: “If I’m taking a sulfur antibiotic for a infection, should I wait to start the msm?”

Here is my response
Start your MSM program by taking it as prescribed on the packaging label (1 teaspoon organic sulfur dissolved in 2 oz water, followed by 8-10 oz of pure water), then wait 30 minutes before taking your antibiotic. This is the standard protocol that applies to the taking of all medications and dietary supplements: Take MSM first, then wait a half hour to let your body absorb the sulfur fully before taking your other items.

Organic sulfur helps repopulate the gut with friendly bacteria. Irregularity appears to be addressed when you begin taking sulfur as prescribed. Be sure to drink enough liquids when taking sulfur. It’s been found that if you drink too little water with your MSM, that you may feel wired and wide awake when you try to sleep at night.

Should I refrain from taking MSM while I’m on an antibiotic?
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