Recent article posted on which includes a comment from a writer in Thailand who conjectured that multiple sclerosis may be connected to a deficiency in both selenium and sulfur.

MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Holistic Treatments
Updated: 03/19/2012

01/07/2005: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: “A well known treatment for MS is the use of selenium supplements in the form of selenium yeasts only. It seems MS is a selenium deficiency…My opinion of MS besides the obvious selenium deficiency is the less obvious sulfur deficiency, which can be supplemented by MSM and/or DMSO. MSM is better tolerated however. For some reason or another selenium and sulfur works in synergy and what’s so strange is MS, for some reason has some connections with people who take too much vaccine or have a reaction to vaccines which contains mercury. Selenium and sulfur are well known in detoxifying mercury.”

Relationship between multiple sclerosis and sulfur deficiency
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